Ten questions Swedes asked Google in 2016

Ten questions Swedes asked Google in 2016
'Why does Australia get to be in Eurovision?' Photo: AP Photo/Jacques Brinon
It's been a year of major events both around the world and in Sweden, from the US elections and ongoing Syrian war to Sweden dealing with the aftermath of last autumn's refugee crisis.

But for Swedes, the highlight of the year was Pokémon Go, at least if their Google search history is anything to go by.

The popular game topped the list of Google searches trending in Sweden in 2016, followed by the European football championships and iPhone 7 – perhaps not a surprise in techy Sweden.

Fourth in the list was US president-elect Donald Trump, who was also the person trending the most in Google searches in Sweden and featured in some of the most-asked questions.

“Why did Trump win?” desperate Swedes asked the search engine, but not as many as those who wanted to know why sea turtles cry, why you get the hiccups and the colour of eggs.

Meanwhile, many were also dying to find out the answers to the questions “what is Brexit”, “why does Australia get to be in Eurovision” and “what does the word democracy mean”.

Continue reading to find out some of the other things Swedes searched for.

The top-trending searches of 2016

1. Pokémon Go
2. Euro 2016
3. iPhone 7
4. Donald Trump
5. Olympics 2016
6. David Bowie
7. Melodifestivalen 2016 (Sweden's Eurovision Song Contest)
8. Lisa Ekdahl
9. Prince
10. Brexit

Questions that start with “why”

1. Why are eggs brown or white?
2. Why do sea turtles cry?
3. Why do you get the hiccups?
4. Why did Trump win?
5. Why do you say 'prosit'? (Swedes use the Latin word 'prosit' to say 'bless you' or 'gesundheit')
6. Why do you get menstrual pains?
7. Why are yawns contagious?
8. Why is meat bad for your health?
9. Why does Australia get to be in Eurovision?
10. Why do cats flick their tails?

Questions that start with “what…?”

1. What is Brexit?
2. What does Donald Trump stand for?
3. What is sustainable development?
4. What does the word democracy mean?
5. What is a hybrid car?
6. What is erosion?
7. What goes up when it goes down?
8. What is inflation?
9. What is the periodic table?
10. What is Liberalism

This is just a selection. Click here to see more of the searches.