Sweden’s rejection of Russian pipeline brings Danes to table

With Gotland's regional government having rejected the opportunity to lease one of its ports to Russian gas company Nord Stream, the Danish island of Bornholm has registered its interest.

Sweden's rejection of Russian pipeline brings Danes to table
Gotland's regional government has rejected leasting Slite Harbour to Nord Stream. Photo: Karl Melander/TT
The opportunity of claiming a piece of the multi-million dollar Nord Stream 2 project, with the local jobs and income it is likely to create, is a tempting one for Rønne, the largest town on the Danish island, reports Swedish news agency TT.
“From a purely competitive viewpoint, we are well aware that our market value and competitiveness have increased because of this [the rejection by Gotland],” Rønne harbour director Thomas Bendtsen told Danish newspaper Berlingske.
The Nord Stream gas pipeline, which actually consists of two different pipelines, connects Vyborg in Russia to the German town of Lubmin through the Baltic Sea. Construction began in 2011 and 2012.
Nord Stream 2, a further two pipelines, will work parallel to the previous lines, according to current plans.
The Swedish armed forces and government have taken a critical view of allowing Nord Stream 2 to use harbours on Gotland, citing “negative consequences for defence politics”.