Ten Instagram pictures that prove Sweden is an amazing winter country

Ten Instagram pictures that prove Sweden is an amazing winter country
Dog sledding in Sweden. Photo: Fredrik Broman/imagebank.sweden.se
When you think of Sweden you may think of the unbearable cold, but there are so many good and beautiful sides to the Swedish winter too. Here are ten of them.

1. The Lion, the Wizard, the Wardrobe and the Swede

As much as this looks like a scene taken from Narnia, it is actually a shot from Falun, Sweden. You can almost feel the cold, fresh air in your lungs when you breathe in. The mist floating on the lake makes it look like something out of a dream. And this is just one of many of Sweden's beautiful snowy sights.


L i g h t i t u p #sweden

Ett foto publicerat av Maria Anderhell (@mariaanderhell) Nov 17, 2016 kl. 10:25 PST

2. Walk through the streets of history

One of the many streets and alleys in Stockholm's Old Town (Gamla Stan). The town holds a lot of history and important historical locations, as well as cozy cafes and shops. The Old Town and its Christmas market is a must for when you come to visit Stockholm, especially during Christmas time.

3. Watch nature's own disco ball

When the Northern Light light up the dark Scandinavian skies it's magical, like a sparkling show of lights. It is definitely an experience that will stay with you forever.


Last night in Swedish Lapland

Ett foto publicerat av Sigrid A. Buene (@sigridbuene) Dec 10, 2016 kl. 3:21 PST

4. Find out what's hidden behind this door

Caught at the right moment, at Stockholm's Skansen open air museum. The carefully layered snow climbing up the branches makes it look like a walkway to heaven.


| winter frame | • For @instagram's #whpframeit

Ett foto publicerat av Sandra (@sannalinn) Dec 11, 2016 kl. 10:42 PST

5. How to make Christmas shopping fun

This is a shot of one of the Christmas windows that Stockholm department store NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) shows every year. This year's theme is The Magical Christmas Forest (Den Magiska Julskogen) and has been picked by children. The windows have been designed based on their drawings.

6. A roller coaster ride of lights

This picture is from Gothenburg's Liseberg leisure park. After trying out all of its roller coasters and attractions you can admire the wonderful Christmas lights. Feel the Christmas spirit all around (at least if you are able to put aside the screams from the roller coasters).


L i s e b e r g #liseberg #julljus #julbelysning #xmaslights

Ett foto publicerat av Mia Dehmer (@vickevira) Dec 12, 2015 kl. 8:55 PST

7. Go skiing in the snow

With all of the snow that we are fortunate to have here in Sweden, skiing is of course a popular activity. A good place to ski is Åre, Jämtland. And if you are scared of going high up on the ski lift, this beautiful sky is there to help distract you so you can make it up the highest slopes.


Sunday shredding. #åre #åreidag

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8. Remember to stay safe on the ice

In Sweden there are a variety of different outdoor activities to try. Ice skating is one of them. Even though the sun sadly goes down so early, there is an upside. You will for sure be awake to see the sky shift in colour. So grab your skates and skate into the sunset. That's another thing checked off your bucket list! This shot is taken in Holmöarna, Sweden.


Havet, sydöstra Ängesön / Holmöarna kl 14.xx

Ett foto publicerat av Ume Friluftsguide (@umefriluftsguide) Dec 11, 2016 kl. 8:15 PST

9. Winter is not winter without saffron buns

Every December 13th Swedes celebrate Saint Lucia's Day. A tradition is to bake Lussekatter (saffron buns) and drink glögg (mulled wine) while listening to a Lucia procession. A Lucia procession is a group of people singing traditional songs while dressed up. The Lucia is always at the front with a candle crown on her head, because she is the carrier of light.

10. Road, or portal to a different dimension?

It's really quite hard to tell. This photo was taken at Årsta Castle.


| weekend ahead | #olympusomd @olympussverige

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This article was written by The Local's work experience intern Ella Arfors, 14.