Swedish dog miraculously survives being hit by a train

A Swedish dog has cheated death, surviving being hit by a train after wandering alone in the cold for days.

Swedish dog miraculously survives being hit by a train
The dog was hit by a train in ski resort Åre. Photo: Fredrik Gustafsson/TT

Berit Holmgren’s rescue dog Freddie went missing in the Åre ski resort in western Sweden on December 18th, only four days after she had picked him up from an animal shelter in Stockholm.

The hunt for the dog became a town-wide search when Holmgren posted a plea for help in a local Facebook group, and residents responded by reporting sightings and going out to search in an effort to track the animal down.

Raising local awareness paid off, as Holmgren was finally reunited with her pet on December 23rd when railways workers recognized him and brought him home.

Freddie had been busy during his adventure: he had been hit by a train, but luckily managed to fall underneath it and escape with little more than a cut on his forehead.

“Freddie is home again after almost six days wandering in Åre. He was run over by a train near Holiday Club last night but survived with a gash in his forehead. He was driven home by the railway staff and is sleeping right now in his bed, very tired,” Holmgren wrote on the Facebook page locals had used to try to hunt him down.

“Freddie is enjoying his rest. He’s sore and has some black pudding. The owners had some champagne!” she later added, thanking everyone who had helped to find the fortunate adventurer.