Video: Swedish puppies react to seeing snow for the first time

Video: Swedish puppies react to seeing snow for the first time
Puppies and snow has been a winning combination for a Stockholm dog shelter. Photo: Hundstallet
Videos of rescue puppies playing in the snow have gone viral in Sweden and chalked up thousands of views in just a handful of days.

The Hundstallet shelter in Stockholm uploaded a video of five puppies (Båtsman, Nils Karlsson Pyssling, Tjorven, Skorpan and Pippi, all names of Astrid Lindgren characters) reacting to their first sight of snow on January 4th, and it didn't take long to spread, registering more than 229,000 views in under a week. 

All five of the puppies, which are a mix of Papillon, Shih Tzu, and Chihuahua, found a new home within two days of the video being published. Hundstallet told The Local that the reaction was “overwhelming”.

A fresh clip has subsequently followed, this time of 11 new puppies rolling around in the cold weather, and with more than 96,000 views for the second video it appears Sweden's appetite for cute animals is still strong.

The shelter noted on its Facebook page that it has received around 100 notifications of interest in the new dogs, so it seems they are in a good position to find a home too once they are made available this week. Hundstallet lists all of its available dogs on its homepage