‘Why would I wear a bra?’ Zara Larsson doesn’t care you can see her nipple

'Why would I wear a bra?' Zara Larsson doesn't care you can see her nipple
Zara Larsson performing at the MTV European Music Awards in Rotterdam. Photo: AP Photo/Peter Dejong
Sweden's pop icon Zara Larsson has hit back after social media users commented that they could see her nipple through her white shirt in a photo she posted of herself on Instagram.

Only 19 years old, Sweden's newest pop export Zara Larsson is riding high on a wave of global fame, working on the official song for the Uefa European Championship last summer and taking home two prestigious gongs at the 2016 MTV European Music Awards at the end of the year.

She has also made a name for herself as an outspoken feminist, and when some of her social media followers pointed out that she had fallen victim to a 'nip slip', she answered in typically confident style.

“I know you can see my nipple? One thing I don't know tho is why people are so upset about shit like that. If a nipple fascinates you that much, bend down your chin a lil and look at your own,” she hit back in a post on Instagram, next to the picture in question, of her in a white shirt.

Larsson is not the first celebrity whose nipples have caused debate in the past year.

Tennis player Serena Williams responded to Wimbledon viewers complaining this summer that her top was so sheer it distracted them from her performance in the court by posting an even more revealing picture of herself online. TV star Kim Kardashian meanwhile simply told her critics that she did “not give a fuck”.

Larsson too went on to show that she would not be held hostage by body shaming.

“And why would I ever wear a bra when my tits are hella good and don't need support from no bra. They're independent and strong,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

It is not the first time Larsson has caused a stir on social media. But last year she revealed in an interview that most of it stays online, with some of her attackers even coming up to her to apologize in person.

“I've never met anyone who says things face to face. I've even had guys come up to me saying 'sorry, you blocked me on Instagram and Twitter'. I said 'what had you said?', because I've blocked so many, I don't remember. People take unbelievable liberties on the internet, just because it's the internet – nobody can see me here,” she told DN at the time.

Born in Stockholm, Larsson had her first breakthrough singing 'My Heart Will Go On' on a Swedish talent show in 2008. Her first biggest international hit was 'Lush Life'.