Swedish party expels politicians for ‘Camp Auschwitz’ flag

Swedish party expels politicians for 'Camp Auschwitz' flag
The Auschwitz flag featured a skull. Photo: Screen Grab/Facebook
Two Swedish politicians have been asked to leave the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party after one loaded up a picture on Facebook of a man holding a flag saying “Camp Auschwitz”.
The anti-racist site Inte Racist, Men…(Not racist but…) on Friday reported the post by Monica Evertson, who along with her husband Peter, represents the populist party in Sävsjö, a small town in Småland. 
The site reported that the man holding the sign had shared a campsite with the couple at the Kuggnäs Festival. 
Henrik Vinge, the party’s head of press, told TT that the party intended to expel the couple.  
”The local party organisation has been requested to invite these people to leave the party. If this call is not heeded, the issue will be brought up in the party's membership committee on Monday,” he said in a statement reported by Sweden's TT newswire. “This procedure could lead to people getting their membership canceled.” 
The Inte Racist, Men exposé also quoted a string of racist comments Monica Evertson had made on Facebook, including one where she declared that that she “couldn’t bear to have [my] wallet stolen (by a negro)”. 
One of her friends commented “Everything becomes so much worse when a negro is involved,” at which the politician replied “Too right!”. 
According to the anti-racist site Monica Evertson has a background in the National Democrats or Nationaldemokraterna, a far-Right party which was closed down in 2014.  In 2010, she also had an account on the Nordisk.nu far-Right forum. 
Here is the picture as it appeared on Evertson's feed.