Top 10 Stockholm tech startup stories of 2016

While 2016 may have come and gone, it won’t soon be forgotten by anyone active in the Stockholm tech startup scene. A new year is upon us, and with it the promise of new discoveries, innovations, and – for Stockholm’s entrepreneurs – the chance to build on some of the trends that characterized the city’s startup scene in 2016.

Top 10 Stockholm tech startup stories of 2016
Photo: Erik G Svensson/Stockholm Media Bank

True – it may be hard for 2017 to top what was clearly a banner year for startups in the Swedish capital. But one never knows when the next game-changing Swedish unicorn may emerge. And looking back at some of last year's biggest happenings in the Stockholm tech scene, it’s hard not to be optimistic about the year ahead.

And for anyone having a hard time keeping track, we’ve put together a handy list of 10 important stories and developments from the Stockholm tech scene in 2016…

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Malmö games start-up wins Supercell backing

The Finnish mobile games giant Supercell has invested 35 million Swedish kronor ($2.6million) in a Malmö games startup, in a further sign the city's games incubators are attracting international attention.

Malmö games start-up wins Supercell backing
Some of the Bouncy Tins designed by Luau. Photo: Screen Grab/Luau Games
Malmö's Luau Games, based in the city's Minc Incubator, has so far developed just one game, the as yet unreleased platform game Bouncy Tins. 
The game, which features “tiny robots trying to make their way to freedom”, is designed to be easily played with a single finger on a mobile phone. 
“I am super proud that we have gained the attention of the world's absolute best mobile games developer,” Luau co-founder Stéphane Stamboulis told the Sydsvenskan newspaper. 
“The plan is to develop a new mobile game, which will probably be on the market in around a year.”
Stamboulis and his co-founder Michel Savariradjalou, so far the company's only employees, plan to hire ten colleagues over the next six months. 
The two Frenchmen previously worked as art directors at the Malmö offices of the Swedish games giant King.