Swedish police dog interrupts ‘intimate’ couple in bizarre break-in

Swedish police dog interrupts 'intimate' couple in bizarre break-in
A file photo of a Swedish police dog not related to the story. Photo: Patric Söderström/TT
A Swedish police dog got more than it bargained for when it was released into a basement to hunt for suspected burglars and instead found two people in the middle of an "intimate situation".

That’s how police in western Sweden are describing the position they found the couple in at least. And understandably, the dog wasn’t a welcome visitor.

“I don’t think the dog’s appearance had a particularly positive impact on the couple’s situation. They would probably have been happier to continue doing what they were doing in privacy,” Stefan Gustafsson, a spokesperson for Swedish police in the country’s western region told news agency TT.

The unfortunate event unfolded just after midnight on Monday, when police were called out to a residential area on the outskirts of western city Gothenburg. Witnesses had reported seeing a man and a woman attempting to break open a door into a building.

When the police arrived they could hear from the outside that people were already inside the premises. They released their police dog, who found the couple immediately.

“Committing a crime was obviously not the intent in itself. Something else drove them, but it wasn’t illegal,” Gustafsson explained.

The couple, who were identified and questioned on the spot, are now suspected of trespassing. No one had to be arrested.