From Sweden with love: unique Bond movie to hit big screen

From Sweden with love: unique Bond movie to hit big screen
Anders Cöster as James Bond. Photo: Mats-Ola Pålsson/Lars Gahlin
A movie likely to be one of the most incredible James Bond movies ever made will premiere this spring.

As The Local reported last year, two Swedes may have made “the last real Bond movie”.

When Mats-Ola Pålsson and Lars Gahlin found themselves disappointed with some of the recent movies of the franchise they decided to make their own feature-length film of their own, without budget or experience.

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'Black Light', as ambitious as any Hollywood blockbuster, is now finally set to hit the big screen.

But instead of Los Angeles, the grand premiere will be held in the directors' home town of Strömsnäsbruk, in Småland county in southern Sweden, at the end of May, newspaper Smålänningen was first to report.

“The whole premiere will be a miniature 'Oscar gala' with the red carpet, limousines and everything. The entire municipality is helping out and businesses are supplying champagne and food to make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Gahlin told The Local, saying it would be held at the town's community cinema.

“My mum worked there as a projectionist in the 70s, so that makes it especially nice,” he added.

He and Pålsson are not the only amateur enthusiasts involved in the project. In fact, because the movie had to be non-commercial in order to get permission to do it, the directors relied on any contributors doing so without remuneration.

They still managed to find hundreds of Bond fans who wanted nothing more than to be part of the unique story. Bond himself is played by Anders Cöster, a 58-year-old teacher from Landskrona. The obligatory Bond villain is played by the business director of Markaryd municipality, Bengt-Göran Söderlind.

Despite being a Swedish creation, the dialogue is, just like the original Bond movies, in English. And the plan, which is not yet set in stone, is to somehow make it available internationally.

“Because the film is completely non-commercial and will not and may not generate money, we will come up with an arrangement to let those who have expressed interest show it abroad. We have contacted a charity and will encourage all visitors to donate a sum to them instead as the movie will be shown for free,” said Gahlin.

He and Pålsson are still putting the finishing touches to the movie (“we have one last explosion left to film”), which is called 'Black Light' and will also have its own Bond theme, performed by Swedish star Mariette.

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