Ikea US boss calls Trump travel ban ‘troubling’

Ikea US boss calls Trump travel ban 'troubling'
An Ikea store in New York. Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP
The head of Swedish furniture giant Ikea's stores in the US has branded Donald Trump's controversial travel ban as "troubling".

In a letter to employees which has been published online, Ikea USA country manager Lars Petersson advises any staff impacted by or with family members impacted by the ban to contact the company, which has offered to provide free legal advice to employees who need it.

The company has also offered to provide counsellors to help with “the emotional toll this situation may take on them and their families”.

In the letter, Petersson details his own experiences over the last 35 years working in different parts of the world for the company living as “an immigrant”, and notes that the diversity in the organization, with people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions, has been a strength.

“As such, any proposal which discriminates against a certain group of our customers or co-workers, or limits our ability to attract and retain diverse talent is … troubling,” he adds.

The Ikea USA head ends the letter by pointing out that the company’s values are clear about “standing up for what we believe in”.

“That is why we are committed to continuing to stand for the dignity and rights of everyone.”