Brace yourselves: It’s going to get very cold again in Sweden

Brace yourselves: It's going to get very cold again in Sweden
Wintery Stockholm. File photo: TT
Just when you thought it was safe to start putting away your warmest set of clothes, Sweden's meteorologists have shared some bad news.

After an unusually mild winter, it's about to get cold again in Sweden – very cold.

This weekend is expected to bring snow and rain to the south and cloud to the north, but from Monday onwards, a cold front will bring freezing weather across the entire country. The icy spell is expected to last a full week as the cold front sweeps in from Russia and the Baltic States.

“There will be a transition to freezing temperatures across the country,” warns Storm meteorologist Johan Groth. 

If it's any consolation, the weather is expected to be dry, with little rainfall.

As usual, the north of the country will boast the coldest temperatures, but clear, sunny weather. Meanwhile, the strong winds in the south will make it feel much colder than it actually is.

“In the south, it will be -5 to -6C, but it will feel twice as cold due to strong winds at all times,” explained Nils Holmqvist, an SVT weather expert. He advised: “It will bite at your cheeks, so wrap a scarf around your face and pull your hat over your ears.”

Exact temperatures across the country will depend on cloud cover, but they could drop to -25C in Norrland and northern Svealand, while southern Sweden could see the mercury fall as low as -15C in higher altitude areas.

And what about the white stuff? There should be some snowfall on the east of the country and southern Skåne, with up to four inches of snow expected in parts of eastern Svealand and Gotland.