Swede drinks ‘corrosive’ McDonald’s latte, ends up in hospital

A Swedish woman spent hours in a hospital emergency room after drinking a McDonald's latte which contained a corrosive cleaning product.

Swede drinks 'corrosive' McDonald's latte, ends up in hospital
Not the corrosive latte in question. Photo: Leif R Jansson / TT

Rebekah Sjölund’s coffee from a McDonald's in Ängelholm, southern Sweden, was made in a coffee machine which was supposed to have been closed off from use while it contained a highly corrosive cleaning substance.

“I had difficulty breathing and could feel immediately that there was corrosion in my mouth. I was terrified,” she told newspaper Sydsvenskan.

A four hour emergency room stay was required for her to recover. The incident has been reported to the police as bodily harm.

“Luckily the corrosive agent was slightly diluted because there was both water and milk in the cup. It could have ended a lot worse if it was more concentrated,” Sjölund noted.

A spokesperson for the McDonald's in Ängelholm said the incident was “very serious” and added that Sjölund will be compensated.