Why you need a EuroBonus American Express Card

You've heard of SAS EuroBonus. You've heard of American Express. But did you know that the two work together in some wonderful ways? Here's how you can take advantage of the programme and let your everyday spending take you on your next trip.

Published: Mon 27 Feb 2017 15:43 CEST
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Alright, first things first. What the heck is a EuroBonus card?

Let's start at the beginning. EuroBonus is the loyalty programme at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). It's totally free to join and basically it means you earn points when you travel with SAS or Star Alliance and it gets you discounts from SAS and partners.

But what does American Express have to do with it?

Well, earning EuroBonus points when you travel with a loyalty programme is all good – but it might take you a while to earn that next trip if you’re not always on the go.

The SAS EuroBonus American Express Credit Cards - Classic, Premium, and Elite - are credit cards that enable you to earn points much faster, thus opening the door to much more travel. With the SAS EuroBonus American Express Cards you earn EuroBonus Extra points on everything you buy, not just when you travel!

But there are other cards that let you earn EuroBonus points, why Amex?

Well, not only do you collect points on all your spending – there are extra bonuses to sweeten the deal. If you spend 150,000 kronor with your Premium Card within a calendar year, for example, the points you’ve earned will get double value. And that means you can book an extra trip at 50 percent of the normal points cost. Ta da!

Sounds great! What can you do with these EuroBonus points you speak of?

A better question would be what can't you do. You can use EuroBonus points to book flights* with the Star Alliance, or rent a car, or book a hotel, or upgrade your economy class flight to business - or, you know, basically just use your points for more travel.

But surely that takes an awful lot of points, right? That must take years to build up.

Not really. You get at least 10 SAS EuroBonus Extra points (and up to 20 with the Elite Card) every time you spend 100 kronor with the card - plus, you get a welcome bonus when you shop for at least 10,000 kronor during the first three months of membership. That may seem like a lot, but think about it. How much money do you spend in a year?

Hm. Well, I dunno, geez, a lot I guess.

Exactly. So imagine if you switched all your spending – groceries, clothing and all that jazz – from your ordinary bank card to a SAS EuroBonus American Express Credit Card. You'd earn points on everything you buy with the card** – and even on an average-Johan's salary, Swedish taxes included, that's a lot of points!

Okay, but how many points does it take to actually do anything with them? I need real-life scenarios!

Alright, real-life example here for all you sceptics: A young Swedish gentleman living an ordinary life gets an AmEx SAS Premium card - that's the middle level of membership, between Classic and Elite. He uses said card just the way he would use his normal bank debit card. And after just one year (in which he spent some 150,000 kronor on the card), the gentleman in question has earned enough points for a round-trip to Los Angles. Voila!

Wow, that actually sounds like a pretty good deal.

Oh, it is. And it gets better. Maybe he doesn’t like LA. Maybe he’d rather take his girlfriend for a romantic weekend in Paris. Well, he can get those tickets too.

What?! How?

All levels of the SAS EuroBonus American Express Credit Card come with an unbeatable offer: Travel two for one within Europe with SAS using EuroBonus points when you spend at least 100,000 kronor within a year. For Premium and Elite it’s two for one anywhere in the world with SAS or Star Alliance when you spend 150,000 kronor within a year. Like we said, totally normal salary spending levels here.

Alright, I believe you. So how do I know which card to get?

That's totally up to you – there are options for all types of travellers and spenders.

If you're always on the go, jetting across oceans from country to country, you'll maximize the benefits with the Elite card. But if you only travel on occasion, never fear - you can still take advantage of the programme with the Classic Card. And then of course there's Premium in between if you can't decide.

What does it cost?

There is a yearly fee depending on what card you get: 395 kronor for Classic, 1,000 kronor for Premium, and 4,000 kronor for Elite. But remember that round-trip flight to LA or that two-for-one deal on flights to Paris? No one can say that the fee isn't money well-spent!

Plus, the first year’s fee is waived when you get the Classic card, and the first year’s fee is half-price for the Premium card.

Sign up for your SAS EuroBonus American Express Credit Card

Are there any other benefits I should know about?

Oh yes indeed! Membership of various levels includes other great perks like early access (and discounts) on awesome concert tickets, extra cards so you and your partner or family members can earn points together, and even get personal concierge service.

I confess I'm intrigued, but I have more questions. How do I find out more?

The SAS EuroBonus American Express Credit Card information is in Swedish and you can sign up there provided you have a permanent residential address in Sweden.

But if you need help or more info, we have it on very good authority that American Express has amazing English-language customer service – don’t hesitate to get in touch! Just give +46 771295600 a ring weekdays from 8am to 8pm Swedish time.

Call +46 771295600 for customer service in English

This article was produced by The Local and sponsored by American Express.

*Taxes & fees: Carrier imposed fuel surcharges are included in the point price. Airport and government imposed taxes and fees are not included in the point price and are the responsibility of the member. Taxes and fees will vary based on itinerary and will be calculated at the time of award booking.

**Cash withdrawals, purchases of travel checks and currency, annual fees for the account or extra card, as well as fees due to late payments do not give EuroBonus Extra points.


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