First Aid Kit just released a furious anti-rape anthem: listen here

First Aid Kit just released a furious anti-rape anthem: listen here
First Aid Kit, Johanna and Klara Söderberg. Photo: Adam Ihse/TT
Swedish folk pop sisters First Aid Kit have condemned sexual violence in a startingly direct song far from their typically melodic sound.

The track, 'You Are The Problem Here', addresses an unnamed rapist who walked away with a lenient punishment. And fans of First Aid Kit may struggle to recognize the duo behind the loud and dark music.

“It's angry and direct. It's a song written out of despair. After reading about yet another rape case where the perpetrator was handed a sentence which did not at all reflect the severity of his crime we felt upset and vengeful,” sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg wrote about the track.

“We were, and are, sick of living in a society where the victims of rape are often blamed for the horrible thing that has been done to them. Our message is clear and should not be controversial in the least: if you rape, you are the problem. Alcohol is not the problem. So called 'youth culture' is not the problem. You are. And you always have a choice.”

Listen to the song, which does contain strong language, in the video below:

The track was released for International Women's Day in support of this year's theme, Be Bold For Change, and was made available on all digital platforms on March 10th, with some of the proceeds going to non-profit humanitarian organization Women For Women International.

And fans already seem to have taken to the song.

“Nice job!” commented one on their Facebook page.

“THIS is the kind of music that's needed during this dangerous time in our history. For many reasons, not lost I'm sure, on most that will listen to this song. We are lacking 'heroes' in music today.”

“I love it so much,” wrote another. “It is [the] feminist anthem we need right now!”

A third wrote: “Wow, this is the most scathing First Aid Kit song I've ever heard. Badass.”

Johanna and Klara Söderberg, from the outskirts of Stockholm, have released three award-winning albums as First Aid Kit and are currently in the studio working on their next album.

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