20 firefighters battle blaze on boat in Gothenburg harbour

A 30 metre long vessel was on fire in central Gothenburg on Monday, with 20 firefighters battling to put it out.

20 firefighters battle blaze on boat in Gothenburg harbour
File photo of boats at Gothenburg harbour not related to the story. Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT

Emergency services sent a number of vehicles to the ship moored next to the Gullbergs strandgata street, newspaper Göteborgs Posten (GP) reports.

The blaze produced a large amount of smoke. Emergency services had been informed that there was a person who usually lives on board the boat, but managed to locate him and he was not on board the vessel.

“Our support workers on location found him, and there is no one left on board. We're really happy we found him,” Mats Gränsmark, alarm manager at the Greater Gothenburg Emergency Services said.

Fighting the fire was difficult due to the smoke and strong heat. 

To begin with, firefighters tackled the blaze from the outside via their own vessel the Göte, using cutting extinguishers which drill a hole then shoot liquid through it.

“It’s difficult to extinguish. We’re talking about a boat filled with foam now,” Gränsmark noted.