One arrested after fatal Uppsala shooting

One arrested after fatal Uppsala shooting
A police officer with a dog on the crime scene in Uppsala's Boländerna shopping area. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
The police have arrested a man in his thirties suspected of involvement in a fatal shooting in an Uppsala shopping centre car park on Saturday evening.

The police received a call at 7.07pm on Saturday about a suspected shooting in the Boländerna shopping area. A man in his forties with gunshot wounds was found near a Circle K petrol station and was taken to hospital by a civilian, but died later that evening.

A man aged around 35 was arrested on Sunday, suspected of involvement in the murder.

“The man, who is suspected of being an accessory to murder, was taken in for questioning after the crime was committed, and was later arrested,” Uppsala police spokesperson Christer Nordström said.

Several cars were seen leaving the area in connection with the shooting. The police have seized a luxury stolen car with fake registration plates, which is thought to be connected to the crime.

According to Christer Nordström, further interrogations were held on Sunday, but the police had no other suspects.