Do you understand Pamela Anderson’s poem about Sweden?

Do you understand Pamela Anderson's poem about Sweden?
Pamela Anderson on a separate episode of Scandinavian talkshow Skavlan, in 2014. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT
Activist and former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has penned a 1500-word poem/letter to Sweden, which is either beat poetry genius or an incoherent stream-of-consciousness rant.

It is honestly hard to tell.

It starts off by praising Sweden: “Sweden is a beautiful and progressive country.”

Then it segues into urging Swedish fashion chain H&M to become 100 percent animal friendly, discussing the modern dating culture, female empowerment, setting an example for young men, Donald Trump, her new book, chivalry, her parents, her new book, orgasms, overpopulation, vegans, Julian Assange and much more. Much, much more.

You can read the whole thing yourself here, but here's just one of the stanzas:

In general –

My feelings about super progressive countries –

and culture –


that the good out weigh the bad –

of course –


We should also be sensitive to any potential down side

The poem, entitled “Skavlan, Sweden”, was published days before her appearance on popular Swedish-Norwegian talkshow Skavlan, on which she discussed her rumoured courtship with Julian Assange.

“Let's see what happens when he's free,” Anderson, who visits Assange frequently, told talkshow host Fredrik Skavlan when asked it the pair were romantically involved.

“But I spend probably more time with him than with any other man, socially, which is very odd.”

“He's very sexy,” she added.

Wikileaks founder Assange has been staying at the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012 to avoid prosecution in Sweden for alleged rape. Anderson has confirmed that she visits him regularly, and has in fact written several other poems about the Australian, all in the same poetry slam style.

In the poem she urges Sweden not to pursue the allegations against Assange:

Sweden must feels a tremendous responsibility to America 

to give him up?

Which is a shame.


I have faith that Sweden might begin to think 'progressively'

and not cave to the US

like most other countries do-

This is a good opportunity to show Sweden’s strength

and healthy


The world is watching.

She then moves on to talking about Swedish environmentalism and describes her wish that its views on climate change and vegetarianism “would rub off on” US president Donald Trump.

Anderson, 49, has become known as an outspoken animal rights activist, following her career as Playboy model and actress famous from 90s television series Baywatch. The Skavlan talkshow was shot in London.

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