Swedes on the march for science

Swedes on the march for science
Protesters at the Stockholm March for Science at Medborgarplatsen on Saturday. Photo: Marc Femenia/TT
People rallied against fake news and 'alternative facts' in five Swedish cities on Saturday, as part of a global March for Science initiative.

The March for Science demonstrations had been organised in response to what is seen as mounting political pressure on facts-based evidence.


The casualties of this assault, say organisers, include efforts to fight climate change, the teaching of evolution and sexual health and budgets for vital research.


In an opinion piece in Dagens Nyheter co-written with four members of the Swedish science community, the Swedish Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog wrote: 


“Populist forces question research results and choose data and information financed by actors with vested interests, and even use 'alternative facts'' that better fit their purposes. We need a stronger role for science in decision making.”


Sweden's March for Science was held in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Umeå and Luleå.