Swedish steel giant SSAB donated $10k to Trump’s inauguration

SSAB, the Swedish steel manufacturer, sponsored US President Donald Trump's presidential inauguration with $10,000.

Swedish steel giant SSAB donated $10k to Trump's inauguration
SSAB's steelworks in Oxelösund, Sweden. Photo: Marcus Ericsson/TT
The steel giant, with the Swedish state as a minority shareholder, donated the money to Trump's inauguration through a US subsidiary, reports Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, referring to documents compiled by The Huffington Post
SSAB confirmed the payment of $10,000 was made on February 22nd from the SSAB Enterprises headquarters in Lisle, but claimed the donation was not a political stance on behalf of the company.
“SSAB Americas does not take any political stances, but the company is engaged in matters important to the steel industry. That includes trade policy, tax reforms, regulatory changes and infrastructure investments,” the company wrote in an e-mail to Aftonbladet.
In his inaugural speech, Trump spoke of “rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation”, and stressed the need for improving the country's infrastructure. In his first address to Congress in February, the president vowed to invest one trillion US dollars in the infrastructure of the United States.
SSAB made no secret of wanting to deliver steel to the US president's projects.
“SSAB Americas already serves the nation's infrastructure by providing steel for bridges, transportation and other structures, and we will likely continue to do so in the future,” the company wrote to Aftonbladet.
Donald Trump received donations worth a total of $107 million for his presidential inauguration, according to The New York Times – twice as much as the previous record of $53 million raised by Barack Obama in 2009.