Car drove 15 km wrong way on Öresund bridge without crashing

Car drove 15 km wrong way on Öresund bridge without crashing
The Öresund Bridge. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
A car drove around 15 kilometres in the wrong direction on the Öresund crossing between Sweden and Denmark before it was stopped by police.

The 15.9-kilometre Öresund crossing between the cities of Malmö and Copenhagen closed just before midnight after officials were alerted to a car travelling in the wrong direction on the bridge.

It is understood to have made it all the way from the Lernacken toll station on the Swedish side, across the bridge and through the tunnel making up the other part of the crossing before Danish police caught it at Copenhagen airport in Denmark, which is a journey of around 15 kilometres.

“The car came from Denmark and was driving towards Sweden. Completely normal in the right direction. Then when it had almost reached Lernacken the driver turned around and drove back in the wrong direction,” Öresund bridge press officer Sanna Holmqvist told the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

No injuries or accidents were reported. The driver is also suspected of drunk driving.

The Öresund crossing. The blue blob shows where Lernacken toll station is. The airport is seen on the left. Photo: GoogleMaps