From giant beetles to a mini harbour: 11 of Stockholm’s best playgrounds

From giant beetles to a mini harbour: 11 of Stockholm's best playgrounds
Photo: Miriam Bade
Looking for a simple way to keep the kids busy this weekend? One easy solution that's guaranteed to occupy them is to explore a new playground in Stockholm. From a miniature village to a world of giant stag beetles and mushrooms, here are eleven of the capital's best.

Stora Blecktornsparken

First stop, Stora Blecktornsparken and its rabbit pen – oh my gosh, how cute they are! Even better is the resident black Canadian miniature pig, who you will find grunting and sniffing on the ground.

The playground is too big to cover in one trip. Behind the hill where a long, colourful slide runs down, kids can have adventures and secret meetings next to the goat enclosure. The playground offers a couple of picnic-areas, a big meadow and is very clean – besides the bunch of tiny mittens that will be laying on the ground in winter.

Nearest station: Bus 57, Nätgrand

Photo: Miriam Bade


This cosy little playground is a small-scale version of a 19th century village, complete with agricultural gadgets and a village smithy with a little factory. There's also more common stuff like slides and swings.

The biggest attraction however tends to be a tiny bridge which also provides the name of the playground. “I come here very often,” a childminder explains. “The children love this place and it is one of my favourite playgrounds in Stockholm, too.”

Bryggartäppan is lovely to look at, perhaps even more for parents than their children, and can be found in the heart of Söder. A pink and yellow café sits next to the playground and looks a bit like Pippi Longstocking's Villa Villekulla.

Nearest station: Bus Närkesgatan

Photo: Miriam Bade


This playground wonderland is probably the most colourful place in Stockholm, and is adorned with childhood heroes everywhere: Mamma Moo swings in a tree next to a little ghost and a gigantic dreamcatcher, while the tricycle parking area is guarded by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Learning by playing is this park's thing. Recycling and gardening become a game along with letters, numbers and measuring. Next to the playground, older brothers and sisters can find a large skate park, a climbing wall, and even a beach for summer days.

Nearest station: Bus Västerbroplan

Photo: Miriam Bade


This playground is divided into different areas: Children can play house in a little village of cottages, for example. Younger ones will find common play gear, while older siblings can shoot hoops at the basketball court or use their feet at the football ground.

Remember to bring extra clothes or swimsuits on summer days: the playground also has a small pool. Better still, a café is close by providing a nice spot for parents while the kids are playig.

Nearest station: Bus Tessinparken

Photo: Miriam Bade


In the very nice area of Norrmalm near Odenplan lies Vasaparken. The smell of bratwurst may hit your nostrils while entering this playground: barbecues take place once or twice a week, like in some other playgrounds in Stockholm.

A huge hill of orange rubber is likely the first thing you'll spot. Signs warn that it's “slippery when wet” but kids seem to enjoy the thrill of sliding down it. There's the usual play stuff too, along with a small climbing wall in this spacious park.

Nearest station: Bus Dalagatan

Photo: Miriam Bade


Even grownups feel tiny in this special place. Surrounded by supersized stag beetles, mushrooms and two huge owls, the ground is a soft kind of rubber. Whether climbing up flowers or sitting inside gigantic insects, this playground feels like a transformation in size.

Nearest station: T-bana Kristineberg

Photo: Miriam Bade


While the playground itself isn't too special, it still has everything you'll need, and is handily located in the middle of Kungsholmen. The whole park sits on a quite steep hill, and you'll find the main playground at the bottom, next to a basketball court.

There's space for a barbecue too.

Nearest station: Bus Polhemsgatan

Photo: Miriam Bade

Ivar Los Park

Monteliusvägen isn't an insider's secret these days, as many people take the gorgeous little walk uphill along the northern waterfront of Södermalm, but only few notice the small playground at the Ivar Los Park.

There, you can combine playing with your kids with perhaps the maybe most stunning view over the city of Stockholm, sunset included if timed right. Granted, the playground isn't the fanciest in town, but right now they are building up a new section to open this summer. 

Nearest station: Bus Stockholm Mariatorget

Photo: Miriam Bade

Anders Franzéns Park

Anders Franzéns Park combines industrial design with harbour imagery. At this playground, little dock workers meet up with ship's captains to prepare for the next voyage. And the harbour town is reached by crossing a sandy path, of course.

The houses are full of original workbenches and hardware machinery, and wven if the playground is pretty small there is a lot to discover. Mums and dads seem to love the little red boat and the green port crane as much as their children. There's more standard play equipment close by too, as well as a basketball court and a football ground.

Henriksdal / Hammbarby Sjöstad
Nearest station: T-bana Henriksdal station

Photo: Miriam Bade


Walking along Årstaviken waterfront in southern Södermalm is popular when the sun is shining, and to keep the children cheerful it can be a good idea to have a break at Drakenbergsparken.

The playground is close to Hornstull station and also has a great barbecue area. As its name implies you will find a snake-like dragon to climb on, complete with water cannon in the summer. The big green climbing contraption however is the funnest part of the playground, a test of courage for who will reach the highest place. The whole area is perfect for summer time: a beach isn't too far away and active parents can have a game of beach volleyball at the net.

Nearest station: T-bana Hornstull

Photo: Miriam Bade

Mulle Mecks Lekpark

Every Swedish child knows and loves Mulle Meck (Freddy Fixer in the English edition, Gary Gadget in the US) and his dog Buffa, who live on a junkyard and build cars, boats and airplanes.

In this playground children find themselves in the world of their engineer hero, complete with all the well known places from the books and videogames like Daisy Diesel's Garage, and different vehicles from car to a spaceship.

Mulle Meck himself welcomes the visitors at the entrance. In summertime there is a water play area next to the boats – so don't forget your swimsuits!

Nearest station: Bus Järva Skjutbaneväg

Photo: Järva Staden