Heat record broken in Sweden, but the cold is returning

Large parts of the country were basking in sunshine on Friday, but being Sweden, the heatwave was set to be short-lived.

Heat record broken in Sweden, but the cold is returning
Sun worshippers in Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm. File photo: Maja Suslin/TT
Many towns across the central and northern-central parts of the country enjoyed summer temperatures on Friday. The previous heat record this year, 21.3 degrees Celsius in Gladhammar in March, was beaten by Falun in the central county of Dalarna, which received Sweden's highest temperature yet this year, 23.9 degrees.
“Several towns have beaten their previous year-highs. Looking at the past 30 years, these temperatures are above normal,” Tomas Fyrby, meteorologist at Sweden's Meteorological Institute (SMHI) told TT.
But those who have been enjoying the heat will have to prepare for more moderate temperatures on Saturday, as cold air and cloudy weather is on the horizon.
While the mid-west parts of Sweden will enjoy temperatures of up to 20 degrees Celsius on Saturday, the mid-eastern and southern parts could see temperatures under 10 degrees and overcast skies.
The western county of Värmland could even expect snow on Sunday.
“There will be rain mixed with snow. So that will be a big contrast,” Fyrby said.
The Norrbotten county in the far north could also be getting gusts of snow during the weekend, with temperatures below freezing at night and in the early mornings.