Sweden celebrates as summer weather finally arrives after chilly spring

Sweden celebrates as summer weather finally arrives after chilly spring
Time to get the barbecues out. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT
Brace yourselves for the best news of the week: it's finally going to get warm in Sweden.

After a chilly spring with a snowstorm in April and the cold downpour continuing into the second week of May, it looks like the sun is finally about to arrive in Sweden, with temperatures well above 20 degrees predicted for some of the country's major cities going into the weekend.

A wave of low pressure moving in from Thursday onwards means that the south of Sweden could experience temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius as early as today, and the warmth is expected to continue throughout the weekend for large parts of the country.

The mercury had moved above 22C in Gothenburg and Malmö before midday on Thursday, prompting Swedes to take to social media and celebrate.


Dagens första möte #christianutepåjobb #episerver #göteborg

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In the southern part of the Nordic nation it should be between 17 and 25C or perhaps even better between Saturday and Sunday. In Gothenburg for example it could be as warm as 27C on Saturday – real summer weather according to a meteorologist from weather agency Foreca.

“In Gothenburg we have a pattern that points towards over 25-26 degrees, and if it's over 25 that’s classified as high summer temperatures, which says something,” Erik Rindeskär told newspaper Göteborgs Posten.

Northern Sweden is more likely to see heavy rain than clear skies however, with up to 20 millimetres predicted in some areas, and colder air present. The coastal parts of Norrland should fare better though, where temperatures could reach 20 degrees.

The good news for those in the south is that the warmth is expected to continue into next week. But if Sweden's weather this year has taught us anything it's to enjoy it while it lasts.