Lego looters on the loose in Sweden

Lego looters on the loose in Sweden
File photo of a Lego store not related to the story. Photo: Francois Mori/AP
Thieves with an unusual speciality appears to be on the loose in Sweden, after a Lego store in one of the country's cities was broken into for two nights in a row.

The Lego store in Örebro, central Sweden was broken into on Sunday night, then again on Monday night, with the thieves smashing windows using stones, breaking open boxes then stealing the popular Danish plastic bricks with an apparent level of expertise.

“They maybe had a list with them, the picked exactly what was the most expensive and unusual,” the shop's owner Peter Lilja told radio station P4 Örebro.

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Among the stolen items were Star Wars themed Lego which in some examples were worth thousands of kronor each. In total the Lego looters stole bricks worth 240,000 kronor ($27,644) over both nights.

Lego can fetch a surprisingly large amount of money in its most collectable varities. In 2014, a Swedish Lego lover sold his collection for 75,000 kronor ($11,500) in order to appease his wife, who had grown tired of the 300 kilo plus stash.

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