Isis-linked man was released by Swedish authorities: report

A man who was found to sympathise with the Islamic State terror group was released by Swedish authorities even though they wanted to deport him, according to a report.

Isis-linked man was released by Swedish authorities: report
The man during court proceedings in Malmö. Photo: Björn Lindgren/TT

The 30-year-old Syrian man, who was accused of terrorism offences and arson, was acquitted by Malmö District Court in April.

The Swedish police security agency Säpo initially detained the man and wanted to deport him from the country, reports newspaper Sydsvenskan.

“I have received confirmation that he was recently released,” the man’s lawyer Lars Edman told news agency TT.

The man was accused of an attack against a Shi’ite Islamic community centre in Malmö.

He was released, but investigation showed that the man sympathised with the Islamic State (Isis) terror group, according to the court judgement.

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Following the trial he was released by the court, but was immediately detained by Säpo, which intended to deport him, reports TT.

But the court’s finding the man to be a supporter of Isis actually prevented his deportation to either Syria or Saudi Arabia, the other country with which he is connected, since he risks execution in those countries due to his links with the terror group, according to reports by the Sydsvenskan and Helsingborgs Dagblad newspapers.

Edman said that the man is probably now attempting to acquire travel documentation to leave Sweden.

Säpo press secretary Simon Bynert told TT that he could not comment on individual cases. He said that, in general, if conditions required to continue an individual person’s detainment are lacking then the individual must be released.