This Swedish entrepreneur wants to own ‘Covfefe’ trademark

After Donald Trump's 'covfefe' tweet went viral, Swedish entrepreneur Per Holknekt quickly jumped on the bandwagon, applying to register the new 'word' as a trademark.

This Swedish entrepreneur wants to own 'Covfefe' trademark
Per Holknekt. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT
Donald Trump is famous for sparking Twitter controversies, but a tweet from the US President in the early hours of Wednesday morning left the world more baffled than usual. 
The tweet read: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”.
The tweet went viral, with the #covfefe hashtag trending on Twitter, and people across the world speculating about what Trump had meant to say. 
In Sweden, entrepreneur and fashion designer Per Holknekt was on the ball, and filed a trademark application form for “Covfefe” with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV), reports Swedish tech news site
“I've got my trademark radar switched on round the clock. I now own the EU rights for the perhaps most talked about word in the world right now. All the marketing has already been done by the media. It's superb,” Holknekt told Breakit.
A PRV spokesperson told The Local, however, that the application process can take up to eight weeks. Until then, Holknekt does not strictly speaking 'own' the trademark.
A screenshot of the tweet, which was later deleted.
Holknekt, who started the Swedish fashion label Odd Molly, told Breakit he has launched a total of 33 trademarks during his career. The application for his most recent one set him back 3600 kronor ($413).
“I did this with a twinkle in my eye. But you never know. In a year I think I will have done a good deal. 3600 kronor is just peanuts in this context,” Holknekt said.