Ten Instagram pictures that prove Sweden is the best summer country

Ten Instagram pictures that prove Sweden is the best summer country
Swedish summer. Photo: Tove Freij/Imagebank.sweden.se
Summer in Sweden doesn't last long, and for this reason, when it arrives Swedes make the best of it.

1) The beaches (yes, the beaches)

If you feel like swimming and drinking Margaritas in front of a nice, sandy beach but you can't stand the Mexican summer temperatures, then Sweden is perfect for you. Go to Malmö in southern Sweden, the city's Ribersborg or 'Ribban' beach will almost make you wonder where you are – Sweden or the Maldives?

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2) The water

If you like to spend your summer time simply surrounded by water, then you can definitely do it in Sweden. Sweden has almost 270,000 islands.

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3) The music festivals

Music festivals are another typical summer attraction. In Sweden, you will never run out of sounds in the summer time. The country is, in fact, the perfect venue for many, different music events like 'Way out West', 'Into the factory' or 'Bråvalla Festival'.


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4) The water (again)

If you don't want to waste money on petrol, you are afraid of flying and tired of walking, then Sweden is just the perfect place. In summer you can kayak, canoe or sail in park lakes, rivers, lakes and the sea. Or make it a longer journey and float from one island to another on the west coast or in the Stockholm archipelago. 


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5) The forests

If you prefer the tranquillity of the countryside over the crowded beaches, then Sweden is your summer destination. Go to pick some delicious berries in the Swedish forests, but don't forget to cover yourself in mosquito spray. The picture below was taken in the picturesque Dalarna region.


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6) The outdoors

If you have been sitting still all winter in front of a computer, then Sweden in summer will make you sweat. Go hiking, climbing or simply enjoy the view at Höga Kusten for example, it's a perfect summer activity.


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7) The Midnight Sun

A never ending summer is impossible but a never ending sun is possible in the Swedish Lapland. You can experience the Midnight Sun in the north, from June to mid-July, when the sun does not set at night.


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8) Midsummer's Eve

Midsummer's Eve is one of the most typically Swedish traditions. It is an occasion for a large gathering of friends and family. So pick some flowers, make a wreath and get lost in the dances. 


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9) The barbecue parties

Swedes do it on the beach, on the roof, in the park, on a boat. We're talking about barbecues, of course. Barbecue whenever you want, wherever you want. In summer you can appreciate the smell of a wide variety of flowers but you can also be captured by the smell of sausages cooked by the neighbour. 

10) The light

So go outside and enjoy the Swedish light, it's summer!


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