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How digitalisation is changing Stockholm from the inside out

How digitalisation is changing Stockholm from the inside out
A vision for the city of the future. Photo: Skanska
Street lamps linked to emergency services. Drones delivering milk to your door. It may sound like science fiction, but in Stockholm it may be closer than you think.

As Stockholm prepares for 5G wireless technology, countless projects are already underway to help make it the world’s ‘smartest’ city.

But the digital revolution currently taking place in Stockholm isn’t limited to fast internet connections and mobile payments. Rather, new technology is transforming the very idea of what a city is.

“Thanks to digitalisation, office spaces, public transport, logistics…everything could look different in a new city,” says Mats Rönnbo, director of development at Swedish construction firm Skanska.

And how is Stockholm adapting to this fast-approaching digital future?

A few people on the front lines of helping Stockholm create the city of the future offered some of their thoughts on what's in store.

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