Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria opens up about anxiety battle

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria has opened up about her ongoing battle with anxiety in a new interview.

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria opens up about anxiety battle
Crown Princess Victoria. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

The 39-year-old struggled with anorexia when she was in her 20s, and in a new interview with SVT ahead of her 40th birthday, she said that though she has managed to overcome the eating disorder she continues to suffer from anxiety problems.

“I feel like it's a chapter I have luckily been able to put behind me. But the performance anxiety I had is still there. I've been given different kinds of tools and learned how to manage it – also by getting older,” she told SVT’s Claes Elfsberg.

The heir to the Swedish throne also said that she sympathizes with today's young people who live in a society where an image of perfection is demanded:

“The perfect surface that isn't really, all the perfect images that are uploaded and (where) everything has to be polished. I'm waiting for the backlash”.

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In his own interview with the public broadcaster to mark Victoria's 40th, husband Prince Daniel said that his wife has been too harsh on herself in the past.

“She has had too high demands of herself, but I think she's more balanced (now) and can accept that sometimes things don't go exactly the way you want,” he noted.

The Prince then got tearful as he continued to talk about Victoria, who he met in 2001 while he was her personal trainer.

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