12 injured in bridge collapse in Sweden

Several people are injured after a bridge over a railway collapsed in Ludvika, Dalarna, in central Sweden.

12 injured in bridge collapse in Sweden
The collapsed bridge. Photo: Pavel Koubek/Icon/TT

An overpass and scaffolding collapsed at around 2pm on Thursday.

“It's a major accident. It's a bridge under construction that has collapsed,” police spokesperson Stefan Wickberg told the TT newswire.

Twelve people were injured, of whom four were described as seriously injured, according to Dalarna health authorities. Four people were taken to hospital in Ludvika and one by helicopter to the University Hospital in Örebro. The others were taken to Falu hospital.

Photo: Pavel Koubek/Icon/TT

Photo: Pavel Koubek/Icon/TT

The construction work was part of a project to replace the old bridge over the railway line in central Ludvika and was being carried out by a subcontractor of Swedish builders Skanska at the time of the collapse.

Its press office estimated around 15-20 people were at the site when the collapse happened. It is understood to have happened while concrete was being placed on the new bridge.

“We're taking this incredibly seriously. Right now we're focusing on those involved in the accident. People are already on their way there to offer support and start an investigation into what happened,” Skanska press officer Edvard Lind told TT.

Rail traffic via Ludvika was halted on the lines between Hallsberg/Örebro and Borlänge/Gävle as well as Fagersta/Västerås.