Swedish police investigate crazed motorist who drove at pedestrians

Swedish police investigate crazed motorist who drove at pedestrians
A 24-year-old man who attempted to drive into people in the centre of Karlstad on Saturday evening is suspected of attempted aggravated assault.

The exact charges that will be brought against the man are not yet certain, according to police.

“The is no classification yet. It will depend on what is revealed by the investigation,” Bergslagen Police duty officer Erik Hiding told news agency TT.

Emergency services alerted to a possible drowning incident near the Gubbholmen island found the man, who pulled himself out of the water before getting into a car and attempting to run over pedestrians, according to the report.

“We were responding to a drowning alarm which developed into a situation where we had to avoid being hit by a car and shout to people to keep away,” first responder Magnus Lundqvist told local media Värmlands Folkblad.

Lundqvist said that it was “pure luck” that no-one was injured in the incident.

Passers-by on the pavement and cycling lane had to throw themselves out of the path of the man, who is suspected of being under the influence of narcotics.

“I saw the car come up on to the cycle lane and stood up against the railing. I just tried to keep myself away, Jonas Westin, who was out walking with his daughter at the time of the incident, told SVT Värmland.

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