Drone halts air traffic at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport

Flights in and out of Stockholm's Arlanda Airport were halted for an hour on Monday afternoon after a drone was spotted in the area.

Drone halts air traffic at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport
File photo of Arlanda Airport. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/TT

A drone caused travel chaos and forced Sweden's busiest airport to halt air traffic for security reasons between around 3.50pm and 4.50pm on Monday, authorities said.

During this time, two incoming flights warned they were low on fuel and were therefore given permission to land despite no other planes being allowed to land or take off.

Emergency services, ambulance and police were called to the runway as a matter of routine, but both planes landed normally. 

“The first plane landed at 4.19pm without problems and the second at 4.22pm also without problems,” said Stockholm police in an update online.

Police had already been called to the airport to try to locate the drone and its pilot.

Air traffic resumed at 4.50pm, but Swedavia, which operates Arlanda Airport, warned that knock-on delays were to be expected.