Man back in Sweden after deportation does not exactly go according to plan

A chartered aircraft deporting a 37-year-old man to Jordan was forced to return to Stockholm with the man and the crew after the Jordan interior ministry failed to inform the airport they were coming.

Man back in Sweden after deportation does not exactly go according to plan
File photo of a plane not connected to the story. Photo: AP Photo/Matthias Schrader

The plane took off on Tuesday morning from the Stockholm area to deport the man. But regional newspaper UNT reports they had no choice but to return to Sweden without completing the task.

Swedish police blame a miss in communications between Jordan authorities.

“Staff at the airport had not been informed by the country's interior ministry that the person was coming and therefore they had to turn around and fly back with the man in question,” police spokesperson Stefan Marcopoulos told the Uppsala-based newspaper.

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The failed deportation attempt ended up costing more than 650,000 kronor ($80,000), reports UNT.

The man was accompanied by three employees of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service and the journey was originally supposed to have cost 510,200 kronor, which included breakfast and lunch.

After leaving him in Jordan, the trio was then to return to Sweden on a commercial flight. But because the deportation could not be carried through, they returned on the same plane, to a cost of 145,900 kronor.

There is also added staff costs, a hotel in Amman and plane tickets home that were never used.

The plane was chartered from the Swedish Armed Forces' company Kronflyg.

Sweden's embassy in Jordan is going to investigate why the deportation failed, reports UNT.