This was the sunniest place in Sweden this summer

And the award goes to...

This was the sunniest place in Sweden this summer
Hoburg, Gotland. Photo: Allen/Flickr

The Swedish summer of 2017 has not been particularly impressive, but there are some places that have been better off than others.

One of those places was Hoburg on the southernmost tip of Gotland, according to public broadcaster SVT.

Hoburg recorded 490 hours of sunshine between Midsummer's Eve (June 23rd) and August 11th, and thus won SVT's annual 'Sun League' contest, a summer tradition in the world of Swedish weather news.

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Gotland has won the Sun League 11 times since the competition started in 1990. The island is usually represented by Visby, but the weather station in the town had to forfeit this year due to a technical glitch.

However, Hoburg managed to defend Gotland's honour in the final. Well done, Hoburg.

Scroll down to see how the rest of Sweden fared.

In second place was the northern tip of Öland, Sweden's other Baltic Sea island, with 485 hours of sunshine, followed by Karlskrona in southern Sweden (467 hours of sunshine).

Kiruna in the far north found itself outshone by everyone with only 287 hours of sunshine, despite having the advantage of the midnight sun, when the sun never sets in summer.

Lund in southern Sweden ended up in second-to-last place, with 297 hours of sunshine.

SVT's Sun League 2017

1. Hoburg: 490 hours of sunshine
2. Öland's northernmost tip: 485
3. Karlskrona: 467
4. Norrköping: 426
5. Stockholm: 425
6. Karlstad: 418
7. Luleå: 408
8. Borlänge: 386
9. Umeå: 378
10. Göteborg: 359
11. Östersund: 325
12. Växjö: 316
13. Lund: 297
14. Kiruna: 287