Swedish schoolchildren faked fight to get selfie with police

Swedish schoolchildren faked fight to get selfie with police
File photo: Fredrik Sandberg/ TT
Police responding to reports of a fight at a school in Kalmar arrived to find it was a false alarm.

Two students from the Jenny Nyströmsskolan school called Sweden’s SOS Alarm emergency services board on Friday afternoon, during a challenge in which one of the tasks was to take a selfie with police, according to local media reports.

Police arrived at the scene to find that no fight had taken place.

“This is a lack of judgement. Hopefully a positive discussion will come from it,” Fredrik Bratt, press spokesperson at the Police Region Syd (South) coordination centre, told media Barometern.

“We do not think this is particularly appropriate, neither in terms of the use of our resources nor the act in itself,” Bratt said.

The responding officers spoke with the students about the inappropriate nature of their behaviour and contacted the school’s head teacher, according to the report.

Police will not press charges in relation to the incident.

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