Spectacular Northern Lights dazzle northern Sweden

Spectacular Northern Lights lit up parts of Sweden over the weekend. Social media was awash with beautiful depictions of the dazzling show.

Spectacular Northern Lights dazzle northern Sweden
The Northern Lights near Kiruna. Photo: Jan-Åke Fors

The sky in northern Sweden lit up in mysterious shades of blue and green at the weekend, prompting amateur and professional photographers alike to try to capture the magic caused by the natural phenomenon also known as an Aurora Borealis.

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Jan-Åke Fors, a photographer in Kiruna in northern Sweden, was one of the lucky spectators, hashtagging his pictures of the show with #awesomenight.

“The northern lights of this weekend were pretty powerful, but it's still a bit too light to experience the really incredible stuff! I've photographed Northern Lights for many years and I can assure you that the best is still to come… Hopefully this winter,” Fors told The Local.

Magnus Karlsson, in the town of Lycksele, also caught his fair share of the lights, telling Swedish broadcaster SVT that it was one of the first real shows of the season.

“It was totally magical, it gave me goosebumps all over.”

Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and are caused when solar winds clash with the Earth's atmosphere, creating a green-tinged appearance in the sky. They typically appear in the colder months of the year.


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