Man shot by police in Malmö after attacking officers

Man shot by police in Malmö after attacking officers
Officers at the scene in Malmö. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
A man in Malmö has been seriously injured after police opened fire when he responded to an attempted arrest by attacking them.

Skåne Police say that “the attack was of such a nature that the police officers opened fire on the man”.

The man, who is now suspected of the attempted murder of one of the officers, was taken to hospital with serious gunshot injuries. An investigation of the shooting which took place around 2am on Wednesday has been opened, and a prosecutor from the Special Investigations Unit will review the conduct of the police.

“Two parallel investigations will take place, one of the suspected attempted murder, and one of the actions of the police,” Mikael Lind from the south branch of Sweden's police explained.

He did not want to comment on how many shots were fired or if the man was armed. An area around the building and garden where the shooting took place on Nikolaigatan in the south of the city centre has been cordoned off.