Sweden’s favourite Christmas spirit gets an Indian twist

Sweden's most famous mulled wine has presented its 2017 Christmas edition, and this year it comes with a taste of India.

Sweden's favourite Christmas spirit gets an Indian twist
Sweden's favourite Christmas spirit: mulled wine. Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad/TT

One drink in particular keeps Swedes warm in winter: mulled wine, or glögg. And the most popular bottle in Swedish homes is Blossa, thanks to clever marketing and the most irritating commercial jingle of all time.

Its special edition bottles, presented with a new design and flavour every year since 2003, have even become collectors' items with previous themes ranging from lingon, saffron and winter apple to 'France' and 'England'.

This year, Blossa takes its inspiration from famous spice market Khari Baoli in Dehli, India.

“In India we find many of the flavours and spices that are already in Blossa's glögg, such as cardamom, ginger and cloves,” said Blossa's chief blender Åsa Orsvärn in a statement.

“Mango gives 'Blossa 17 Old Dehli' tropical fruit notes which are complemented by and contrasts well with the traditional glögg spices. The spicy notes of this year's glögg are further enhanced by cumin and a clear heat from the chili. This is our interpretation of India.”

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The 2017 edition of Blossa's fortified glögg. Photo: Blossa

The mulled wine is on sale via Sweden's alcohol monopoly chain Systembolaget. If you think it's too soon to start selling Christmas products, you do not want to read about the Coop store in Örebro which started another popular Christmas drink (julmust) in August.

If you would rather make your own glöggtry our favourite recipe here.