Swedish tourist fined for kicking hotel maid unconscious

A Swedish tourist caught on camera kicking a hotel maid unconscious in Bulgaria has been convicted of assault, media in the eastern European country report.

Swedish tourist fined for kicking hotel maid unconscious
A screenshot from the video.

In June, a surveillance video emerged of the 53-year-old kicking a cleaner in the face while she was scrubbing a hotel floor in the popular Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach.

The cleaner was knocked unconscious and suffered a concussion. She later said the man had kicked her “like a football” and that she was in shock. The tourist was arrested and claimed at a remand hearing that he did not remember the incident because he was too drunk at the time.

A judge has this week rejected that explanation however, convicting the man of assault and fining him 4,500 lev – around 24,000 kronor ($2,960). He has also been ordered to pay the 600 lev (2,934 kronor, $362) costs of the case.

According to Bulgarian site Darik news, the judge said the man had attempted to use the effects of alcohol to mask what he had done, and that he had shown an “absolute lack of humanity”.

The cleaner, who is in her 60s, has also asked for him to pay 50,000 lev (245,000 kronor, $30,200) in damages, which the court has not yet reached a decision on.