Ikea launches new collection of furniture for pets

Ikea launches new collection of furniture for pets
Dogs model one of the pet sofas. Photo: Ikea
Swedish-founded furniture giant Ikea is beloved by humans across the country and the globe -- and now their pets can share in the joy.

Ikea has launched its first collection of furniture for pets, including beds, scratching posts, and toys.

“Have you ever felt that your cat or other pet isn't just a pet, but a member of the family?” the company wrote on its homepage. “It's exactly that focus that led Ikea to make the comprehensive Lurvig pet product range.”

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Photo: Ikea

As with most of the product names used by the company, there's a meaning behind Lurvig, which is the Swedish word for 'shaggy'.

Ikea says the new collection was created by “animal-loving designers” with support from trained vets.

As well as staples like cat houses, the collection also includes basic items from toys and leashes to pet waste bags and bowls. In keeping with the furniture brand's trademark Swedish efficiency, plenty of the items can be integrated into existing Ikea products, so a pet bed for example could double up as a bedside table or shelf.

Photo: Ikea

For now the animal-friendly items are launching in the US, Canada, France and Japan as a pilot, with plans to bring them to other countries — and hopefully to Ikea's homeland — in the future.

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