Sweden introduces new road signs to help non-Swedish speakers

As of December 1st, some new road signs will pop up on Swedish roads and will be illustrated with symbols rather than text in a bid to make them more comprehensible for non-Swedish speakers. One of them is the road sign that warns of an accident ahead.

Sweden introduces new road signs to help non-Swedish speakers
Photo: The Swedish Transport Agency

“The warning sign shows a vehicle tipped on the side. It’s much faster to comprehend than text. In general, symbols are easier to read also for those who don’t know Swedish,” Niclas Nilsson, at the Swedish Transport Agency, said in a statement.

Another sign that will be replaced and which was previously only understandable to Swedish-speakers was the one indicating 24-hour restaurant services. The text “nattöppet” (open at night) is replaced by a clock face and the number 24 written inside.

A third new sign is that which indicates parking spaces for camper vans – a sign which is sure to come in handy for Sweden’s foreign visitors.

The signs have been inspired by the UN convention on road signs and signals, which advises countries on the types of symbols which should be used for their road signs to make them comprehensible to everyone.


Seven hurt in crash as car runs red light

Seven people were take to hospital after a two cars collided at an intersection in Örebro in central Sweden on Friday.

One woman was seriously injured and underwent surgery during the night. Her condition is not considered life-threatening, according to Örebro police.

In the car with the woman were her 13-year-old daughter and a further four people in their twenties. The other car was carrying only the driver.

“As I understand it it is the car with many people which has crashed into the one with the single person,” Henrik Dahlström at Örebro police told the Expressen daily.

Emergency services arrived at the scene shortly after and spent 35-40 minutes there ensuring that all the injured had been taken care of.

The collision occurred at around 2am on highway 50 in Lillån in the northern part of Örebro. One of the drivers is suspected of running a red light at road junction.

There were significant amounts of debris left at the scene and a lamp post is reported to have been knocked over in the crash.

“It was pretty chaotic at the scene at first,” according to an Örebro police officer.

Police had not opened any investigation into a suspected offence on Saturday morning, focusing instead on seeing to it that the injured received care.

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