Stockholm museum employee ‘stole exhibits worth 1.2 million kronor’

Stockholm museum employee 'stole exhibits worth 1.2 million kronor'
File photo of historical Swedish coins: Stig-Åke Jönsson / SCANPIX/TT
A former employee of a Stockholm museum has been charged with theft after he admitted stealing the museum’s exhibits.

The man, who worked at the Royal Coin Cabinet in the capital’s old town, said he stole coins from the museum’s vault and smuggled them out in his pockets before selling them to a coin dealer. 

He has been charged with stealing objects from both the Royal Coin Cabinet and Gothenburg City Museum, receiving a total of 1.2 million kronor in payment. At the trial, which began on Monday, he admitted stealing 42 items and said the money had gone on holidays and clothes as well as other items.

“I stole things that I thought were good. Valuable, sought after. Sometimes I took several things at the same time,” the museum employee said in the trial, according to SVT.

The coin dealer who bought the items is also suspected of receiving stolen goods.