Sweden’s most expensive house sells for 125 million kronor

Sweden's most expensive house sells for 125 million kronor
The house is located in the luxurious Karlaplan district. Photo: Bertil Ericson/SCANPIX
The most expensive house in Sweden has just been sold for 125 million kronor, equivalent to about $15 million.

The three-storey townhouse is located in the upmarket Östermalm district of the Swedish capital, according to Expressen which first reported the sale.

It was snapped up by 36-year-old Katarina Martinson, a board member for several companies including financial consultancies and property firms, as well as being a close friend of Sweden's Princess Madeleine, and daughter of Swedish entrepreneur Fredrik Lundberg.

In 2016, Lundberg was listed as the 13th richest Swede, with 34 billion kronor to his name, and both Martinson and her sister Louise Lindh are actively involved in his business empire.

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Martinson is the sole owner of the house, which she bought last week from magazine publisher Aller Media. The company is making a hefty profit on the building, which it reportedly paid only 3.75 million kronor for in 1996.

But because it has been used as an office location for 21 years, the pricey property will require renovation before Martinson can move in.

Martinson's purchase beat the previous record of 120 million kronor, set by BP and Volvo chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg earlier this year. The two millionaires will be neighbours when Martinson moves in, as both properties are located close to the Karlaplan square in the north of the capital.

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