Truck carrying 20 tonnes of Swedish meatballs topples over

A trailer truck carrying almost 20 tonnes of meatballs slid off the road near Skara in central Sweden.

Truck carrying 20 tonnes of Swedish meatballs topples over
Swedish meatballs. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

The trailer went off the road between Skara and Götene on Wednesday evening. It was carrying 18-20 tonnes of meatballs and was on its way to pick up potatoes, reports public broadcaster SVT.

When not part of the Christmas julbord, meatballs are usually served with potatoes and lingonberries in Sweden.

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The icy road made the trailer slide off the road and topple over, while the truck itself remained on the road. “The trailer was heavier than the truck itself,” said police control room officer Tommy Emriksson.

He said the meatballs would all have to be offloaded before the trailer could be salvaged, and estimated it would take all night. After all, 18-20 tonnes is a lot of meatballs even in Sweden.

Police also warned drivers to take it easy on the road as temperatures drop across the region.

“It is very slippery here,” Emriksson told SVT.