Prosecutor drops Sweden Democrat MP rape investigation

Prosecutor drops Sweden Democrat MP rape investigation
Hanna Wigh. Photo: Leif R Jansson/TT
The investigation of a Sweden Democrat politician accused of sex crimes has been dropped by the prosecutor, who cited a lack of evidence.

The Sweden Democrat politician, who has not been named in Swedish media, was investigated for rape of a 'less serious degree', and two counts of sexual molestation ('sexuellt ofredande') of fellow MP Hanna Wigh.

“He had a hand on my throat and pressed me against the wall. Then he put his free hand inside my trousers and pushed up a finger. Then he told me we should see each other outside of parliament at some point,” Wigh described the alleged incident earlier this year.

But on Thursday the prosecutor announced the investigation had been dropped.

“Interrogations with both parties and others who have had information relating to the case, and certain written evidence have been obtained. It is word against word and there is no objective external evidence that could clarify what happened between the parties,” said chief prosecutor Maria Sterup in a statement.

The politician, who denies the allegations, went on a leave of absence pending the probe. He said that he was pleased with the way the party had handled it and expected to return to parliament shortly.

“If I had my wish I would have wanted the prosecutor to say that they dropped it because they did not believe the plaintiff's story,” he told Swedish news agency TT.

“My plan is to return as soon as possible, but I'm not exactly sure what do to. I don't even know how I feel,” he said, adding that he felt supported by his party colleagues.

Wigh made the accusations in a documentary interviewing her and other women about what they alleged was a “culture of silencing” in the party. She later quit the Sweden Democrats to become an independent MP, criticizing the party for not acting on the allegations before she made them public

“That they reported it to the police was only strategic. That way, you say you're taking it seriously, but with the knowledge that the investigation will be dropped,” she told the Expressen tabloid at the time.

Wigh told TT on Thursday that she was still disappointed the prosecutor had not pressed charges, but added:

“The whole process has been terribly difficult, but I have also found the strength and self respect that I felt was taken from me when it happened and I chose to be silent about it.”