LISTEN: Why is the far right obsessed with Sweden?

In this week's podcast we ask why Nigel Farage, Breitbart and Russian state media keep banging on about Sweden.

LISTEN: Why is the far right obsessed with Sweden?
Nigel Farage has been talking about Sweden again. Why? Photo: Frank Augstein/AP/TT
The global far right has a weird obsession with Sweden's supposed failures. James Savage, who has written about this, explains why.
Also, Ben McPartland explains why Brits anxious about Brexit are being told to bide their time.
And Fiona Govan explains how a gang rape at Pamplona's famous bull-running festival has made Spaniards stand up for a woman's right to be believed.
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Presenters: James Savage and Emma Löfgren
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PODCAST: Why Sweden is following Denmark on language tests and integration

A weekly, behind-the-scenes look at the biggest news stories in Sweden with the journalists who know them best. Every Saturday with The Local Sweden.

PODCAST: Why Sweden is following Denmark on language tests and integration

In the first post-summer break episode of our Sweden in Focus podcast, host Paul O’Mahony is joined by The Local Sweden’s James Savage, Becky Waterton and Richard Orange, as well as the editor of The Local Denmark, Michael Barrett. 

In this week’s show we’ll take a quick look at the state of play in the opinion polls to see who is likely to form the next government, with the election just over a month away.

We also chat about the historical and cultural reasons for people taking so much time off work during the summer holidays.

We talk about what we know about a contentious government proposal to introduce language tests for permanent residency. 

And finally we examine a government minster’s suggestion to place a limit on how many people of non-Nordic origin are allowed to live in vulnerable areas, in a move inspired by a controversial Danish law.  

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