‘What I learned visiting TetraPak and the Ideon Science Park’

‘What I learned visiting TetraPak and the Ideon Science Park’
Photo: Kamber Güler
A group of SI scholars had the opportunity to visit TetraPak and the Ideon Science Park on November 30th. SI News caught up with Veton Kryeziu from Malmö University for some insights on the visit.

Roughly 20 NFGL members representing 16 countries and nine different universities in Sweden participated in the SI arranged study trip, which took place on November 30th.

Among them was Veton Kryeziu from Kosovo, who is studying for an MA in Leadership and Organization at Malmö University, who offered some reflections on the visit and why it was so valuable.

What were you hoping to get out of the visit? Why did you participate?

I have been aware of TetraPak since as long as I can remember. The very recognizable triangle shaped logo was on almost any milk, yoghurt or juice packaging. For this reason, I was interested to learn more about its history and the way it functions as a company.

Moreover, since I study Leadership for Sustainability, I was also interested in learning more about the sustainability measures that TetraPak is taking towards creating a positive social, economic and environmental value for its stakeholders.

In addition, I have a passion about social entrepreneurship and the visit at Ideon was an added value which made me even more curious about this study visit.  

What was the most interesting thing you learned at TetraPak?

The very modest beginnings of this company, which was founded by a Swedish family.

They found a solution to the problem of hygiene in storing water, milk and other things that were in danger of various diseases by inventing the aseptic, one-use, triangle-shaped cartons.

Some of the different TetraPak packages. Photo: Kamber Güler

In addition to this, I found out that they are investing a lot in research and development in order to find a solution and produce zero-percent carbon footprint packaging, and they are partnering with a Brazilian company in order to make packaging out of sugarcane. 

What was the most interesting thing you saw at Ideon?

It was the sheer size of the facility and the surrounding area which is dedicated 100 percent to innovation and entrepreneurship.

What was more important they was learning about the linking of the innovation strategy of Lund municipality and trying to find business solutions that improve the lives of citizens. By linking the municipality with Lund University, the science park supports bright and forward-thinking ideas from students and directs those ideas towards achieving their innovation strategy.

What was the most surprising part of the visit overall?

The fact that TetraPak has more than 3000 different models of packaging. The sheer number of these products really surprised me for good! 

How do we expect to apply/build on what you learned during the rest of your time in Sweden?

During the study visit, we listened to a presentation about pitching and that part was very important for me at the moment, as I have a project presentation coming up and I want to apply the rules and tips that I learned from the presentation.

How about back in your home country?

In Kosovo, companies aren't involved in sustainability and I want to bring the experience of seeing companies like TetraPak in Sweden and raise awareness among businesses so there is at least some degree of sustainability application among Kosovar businesses.

What did you learn/gain from your fellow scholars?

During the study visit, I was able to meet a lot of like-minded creative and proactive individuals, and I was able to exchange information on current developments in our respective courses. This I think was a great networking opportunity which will open new doors to ideas and future projects. 

Why are visits like this a valuable part of the SI scholar experience?

I think that having the opportunity to see the practicalities of sustainability, entrepreneurship and the technological advancement of Swedish companies creates an added value to our experience and can be a source of inspiration for bringing positive changes in our countries by replicating good practices and disseminating knowledge and information with others in our country, multiplying the effects of our learning. 

Thank you very much for giving me the chance to participate in the study visit. I look forward to taking part in future events organized by the Swedish Institute.