Umeå cat returns home after years on the run

A cat who went missing more than five years ago has been reunited with his owners in Umeå.

Umeå cat returns home after years on the run
File photo of another cat not related to the article. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

Adolf the cat ran away from his home in northern Sweden between five and seven years ago, reports regional newspaper Västerbottens-kuriren (VK). His owners, sisters Denice and Sabina Wall, had given up hope of ever finding him again – until they one day spotted him on Facebook.

Someone had posted a picture of a stray cat seen in a car park, asking if it had any owners.

The sisters immediately recognized him.

“I took a screenshot and sent it to Denice and asked if it could be Adolf, because it looked just like him. We went there and put out a blanket and after a while he came up to us and wanted love,” Sabina Wall told Swedish radio. “He will be an indoor cat from now on,” added Denice to VK.

Adolf’s story is not even the most impressive tale of a loved pet reunited with family. Earlier this year a 26-year-old man, who had by then moved to Norway, got a driving licence, girlfriend and children, was reunited with his childhood cat after nine years after an animal shelter found the cat.

Not to mention Sessan the cat, who returned to her family after ten years on the lam.

Neither beats The Local's favourite cat story, which was when Glitter the cat ran away from his family in Bromölla, Sweden, and turned up in southern France some 1,700 kilometres from home.