Sweden’s snow depth sets new seasonal record

Most of Sweden, apart from the very far south and the west coast, was covered in snow on Monday morning – but meteorologists advised snow lovers to enjoy it while it lasts.

Sweden's snow depth sets new seasonal record
A dog in a snow-covered Stockholm last week. Photo: Hossein Salmanzadeh/TT

Mountain ski resort Kittelfjäll in Vilhelmina municipality recorded weekend snow depths of more than 150 centimetres – the deepest snow cover so far this winter, according to national weather agency SMHI.

Further north, the town of Jokkmokk, currently busy preparing for its annual Sami winter market which gets under way on February 1st, boasted 135 centimetres of the white stuff.

The central Svealand region, which includes Stockholm, recorded its deepest snow cover in Lillhamra in Dalarna where 102 centimetres of snow had fallen by Sunday, according to SMHI.

Even southern Sweden got a taste of the snow. Orrefors in Småland had 24 centimetres by Sunday morning. However, the snow is expected to melt in southern and central Sweden in the coming days, and only Dalarna, the northern Värmland region and Norrland can bank on a snowy January.

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